The US has 60,000 ventilators.
10 African Countries have none at all.

Market: Stockpiling

The first wave of COVID-19 is spiking again, and it's highly likely that the United States will enter into a second wave of COVID-19 this fall. It is no secret that our hospitals weren't fully prepared for the first wave. Furthermore, there may be other pandemics in the future. BostonVent is uniquely designed to be stockpiled to ensure that our hospitals are fully prepared with ICU-capable ventilators as soon as they're needed.

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Market: Developing Countries

There is a severe ventilator shortage worldwide. Nowhere is this felt more than in developing countries, where the limited number of devices may not even be fully effective -- they often malfunction and cannot easily be fixed locally. BostonVent promises to be low-cost and easy to service, among other necessary characteristics.

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"No matter which estimate we use, there are not enough ventilators for patients with Covid-19 in the upcoming months"
- Ranney et al.