What makes BostonVent different?

Open Source

To ensure that our device lives up to the highest expectations and is priced as low as possible, we are making our hardware and software designs fully open source.

Robust, flexible, and highly transportable

The current design is built into a waterproof case, with handle, that is certified to US military and NATO standards. This helps ensure BostonVent can withstand the harshest conditions, and also results in a form factor that's easy to warehouse with minimally wasted space. It also makes our device highly transportable. The importance of easy transport has been shown in pop-up ICUs throughout NYC and throughout the world.

Support for all essential features of ventilation

The two basic ventilation modes are mandatory and supported. Virtually all low-cost ventilators only implement mandatory mode, which is required during the early stages of ventilation (if at all). However, supported ventilation is critical during long-term care and for weaning a patient off a ventilator. BostonVent supports both of these modes, making it acceptable for use in all stages of respiratory illness

Low Cost

Currently-marketed ventilators on the market cost $20,000 and up, which is difficult for developing nations to afford. BostonVent will sell for approximately one-quarter of that price. 

Designed for FDA Clearance

Many COVID-19 innovations have been designed specifically to qualify for use under the FDA's emergency use authorization (EUA), meaning that they may only be used if there are no fully-FDA-cleared devices available, and then only for limited use. By contrast, BostonVent is being designed from the ground up with the functionality and safety features needed for full FDA clearance. (We will also apply for FDA EU approval as a way point to full clearance.)


A ventilator is a life-support device; safety is at the forefront of our minds. BostonVent includes features to ensure the highest level of safety; for example,  it has a second computer in the system for monitoring the functionality of the main computer. If the second computer sees an unexpected behavior, it sets off an alarm to clinicians an and puts the system into a safe mode.

Easy to service

A faulty ventilator is not much better than no ventilator at all. BostonVent is primarily composed of  common, off-the-shelf parts that can be easily and quickly serviced should any faults arise.